Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I'm still here

Oh, hello there! Long time no see. I'm just dropping a line to let you know I'm still alive and doing OK👍.

I was going to end this post right there but then I had second thoughts and here I am giving you a few more updates about my life. I have fully recovered from the automobile accident I was in Jan 2015. I can walk fine, without any limp. The plate and screws are still in my leg though and I'm still contemplating whether or not I should go thorough another surgery to get it removed. I'm actually fitter than I was before the accident and take better care of my body so I guess the learning experience presented by life wasn't wasted.

I've been making a few changes in other areas of my life too and I'll talk about them in the days to come. That's it for now. Hit me up in the comments or @ me on twitter (@selurus). 🙋

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Essentially the same article reposted across multiple sites, with credit to the original author; of course.

Less is less - Japan's minimalists | The Wider Image | Reuters

Three shirts, four pairs of trousers: meet Japan's 'hardcore' minimalists | World news | The Guardian

In pictures: Less is more, minimalism in Japan - BBC News

Does this happen often?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Jesse Owens (source: Wikipedia)

This is not a movie review. It's about the thoughts that popped in my head after I saw that wonderful movie.

Firstly, about the pressures that were being placed on Jesse Owens to drop out of the Olympics to send a message. I strongly disagree with that opinion. The message about criticizing Germany for the atrocities against the Jews would have been strong had USA pulled out of the Olympics altogether. One amateur athlete not participating does not make a difference to a competition of such a scale especially when Germany wanted it's own athletes to win to further it's Aryan propaganda.

Secondly, Whatever happened to Jesse Owens after that 1936 Olympics? The man won 4 gold medals and never participated in any future Olympics? Now I understand that the media of that time isn't what it is now, there wasn't even television in every home but 4 gold medals should have created news. And to know that he had to enter through the service entrance at a dinner held to honor his achievements.

Here's a quote by the great man himself, "After I came home from the 1936 Olympics with my four medals, it became increasingly apparent that everyone was going to slap me on the back, want to shake my hand or have me up to their suite. But no one was going to offer me a job."

Friday, May 13, 2016

Vacation planning

I haven't been on a vacation in like forever. Ok, not literally forever but it's been a very long time, really. Well post the accident I was homebound for about six months recovering. Yeah, that's a long recovery time. But I finally recovered and I got back to work. Even after I resumed work I was busy with visits to the physiotherapist and exercises on my day off so I haven't had a proper time out. Besides I was in no shape to go roaming unless I booked a ambulance tour.

Now I'm much better physically and fully focused on my work. I'm doing OK but and the work pressure is starting to wear me out. I need a break. I want to go on a vacation. Some place nice. I don't care where as long as I get out of the stuffy indoors. But I don't know where I should go. So I started to check out some places to visit online. I was looking for leisure vacations around town and they throw up places to visit. Picturesque Hill stations, gorgeous beaches, historically significant places, forts, camping grounds, the list goes on and on.

I live in Mumbai, pretty close to the beach. Now the beaches in the city don't compare to some of the beaches in Goa (only other place that I frequently visit) but beaches are beaches, hot and sunny. And considering the weather I think it'll be better to beat the heat and head to some place cooler. Well, I know I could just turn up the air conditioning and enjoy the high speed WiFi in my bedroom, but where's the fun in that.

So then I'm thinking, Hill stations, that's where I want to go this summer. In the past I've been to Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Kodiakanal. And I've really enjoyed those trips. Those places are simply lovely. The Kodiakanal trip was when I was still in school and Matheran and Mahabaleshwar were more recent, I mean after I started working. But the memories are still fresh in my mind like they happened just yesterday.

I simply love the weather in the mountains. Especially when it's cold, when there's fog all around and it's kind of misty. You can see your breath as you exhale. You wear layers and layers of clothing just so you don't freeze. You're constantly rubbing your hands to stay warm and every hot  beverage is lapped up with gusto. Besides the mountain weather really whets your appetite and if you're not careful enough you might come home twice the size that you left.

And did I mention Snow?
"Jon Snow: I don't know anything. "
Me, neither man. I mean, I haven't experienced snowfall yet. So it would be nice to visit a place that has some snowfall atleast once in my life. Mission Kashmir! Or maybe even go on some International Airlines to a place like Switzerland or maybe even the French Alps. I would really like to taste some snowflakes right on my tongue, go skiing down the mountain slope, build a snowman, yes I really want to. And also have piping hot chocolate.

Well that's the plan anyway. Now to figure out the budget and finalise the destination and get moving and have some fun. You coming?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Delusional Tiles

So,  I'm being bombed with adverts for this game called Piano Tiles 2. It's a very simple game really. It's a game based on your reflexes. You have black and white tiles scrolling down the screen and the object of the game is to avoid the white tiles and tap the black tiles. Seems pretty simple, but as the game progresses the tiles move down the screen a very fast pace and thus the challenge.

That was just to give you a background about the game so you know what I'm referring to,now about the ads that I've come across.

They have (atleast) two different ads that I've seen so far, one featuring a female and another a male. In the female version she is shown to be playing the game at what appears to be her work place and she has her boss (apparently) and colleagues applauding her performance. There is also a cut scene where she imagines herself playing the piano.

In the male version, the guy is on a date and playing the game while ignoring his date. I'm assuming he was trying to impress the girl with a high score but she was clearly unimpressed and dunks his face into the plate and walks away.

The moral of the story is, the game makes you delusional and raises your expectations unrealistically (come on, you can't pretend to be a maestro when you've only played on a smartphone) however the outcomes may vary depending on who you are. If you ask me, you're better off staying away from it.

Monday, January 11, 2016


I watched the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony today and what surprised me was how the winners were really surprised that they won.

Why are they always surprised on winning the award? It's not like they weren't nominated.

It's not like they gave a half-assed performance and did it just for the money and didn't for a moment think that they'd even be nominated.

I'd be surprised if one fine day I walked out of the bathroom and someone knocks on the door. I open it to find loads of cameramen right outside and a beautiful young lady presenting me with a trophy for something I have no recollection of ever doing.

But when you've worked hard to perform and have been nominated and invited to the ceremony (that's crucial, you have to read the invite to know whether you've won or not, there are hidden clues there, aren't there Blue. Woof.) you really can't feign ignorance and pretend to be surprised. That's Kate Winsleting it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


So I walked into the diner and slid into the booth furthest away from the entrance and closest to the kitchen. And while I was looking around to ensure that I wasn't being followed the waiter stops by and demands to know what I'll have. As I'm studying the menu he begins to whistle and tap his foot as if to indicate that a lowlife like me is taking up too much of his time and that he'd rather be flirting with the other waitress.

I ask for a recommendation, but he doesn't hear as he's shouting instructions to someone to push the door hard to shut it so that the air conditioning isn't wasted. When he turns to me distractedly I say I'll have the Chef Special of the day. This seems to change his attitude towards me. He seems to be extremely pleased that I had made that choice and he hurriedly rushes to the kitchen and before I can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious I'm staring at a bowl of broccoli soup. 😷