Sunday, May 30, 2010

Comment Moderation

Your Comment Is Awaiting Moderation

I'm sure most of you who comment on other blogs have come across this message sometime. Its basically is a setting on Wordpress, under Settings > Discussion, that lets the blogger decide whether to publish comments immediately or only after being approved by the blogger.

This is an effective strategy to prevent spam comments as mentioned by Nile Flores but it needs to be used wisely, as by nature most people would like to see their comments published immediately before they move on to surfing something else. But when a comment is held for moderation it kind of leaves that need unfulfilled and may even leave a fellow blogger like Spyros frustrated.

On this blog I've set comment moderation off unless the comment contains a link. Besides I always read all comments and try to reply appropriately to them, so that helps to keep the spam clear off my blog and I don't have to manually approve every comment posted on my blog.

Also another benefit of turning comment moderation off is that it encourages commentator interaction, as people can address issues raised by other commentators and they don't have to wait for the blogger to come online and run the show.

Well this is just my opinion, what do you think? Do you have Comment Moderation turned on for your blog? Has it helped you or your blog in anyway? Please share your views in comments and I promise they will be published immediately.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Are you addicted to TV?

Are you a addicted to TV?

* Do you come good from work or school and just lay on the couch and be entertained?

* Do you believe watching a movie is the best thing on earth and should be done everyday, all the time? BTW Which movie are you watching right now?

* Do you find your meals to be tasteless if your favourite show is cancelled for whatever reason?

If you've answered yes to the above questions then you're probably addicted to TV and don't know it yet.

I can tell from my own experience that watching TV is fun but too much of it is definately not good for you. I remember during summer vacation is school I used to get up and switch on the TV even before brushing my teeth and having breakfast. I would lay on the couch and watch TV all day. I used to watch Cartoon Network then and some movies, at times. In fact I could tell the time just by knowing which show was on.

These day I watch TV only occasionally and its generally the news or some sports event. I mostly spend my free time online, gaming, listening to music or reading. I know I need to reduce my online time and do other things more often. I'try to change that too, soonish.

If you're addicted to TV it can be hard to give it up right away. Try to switch to something else you like doing, for example reading a book or listening to music or try learning an instrument. Try going without TV for a week as suggested in the TV turn off week post. If you need inspiration then read this post about how this mom has raised her kids without TV, quite a feat in modern times. So go ahead and pull that plug.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Alexa Fever

Statistics are to a website, what weight is to a woman.

Although some webmasters may publicly claim that they don't really care about stuff like Alexa ranking, Google PR, Backlinks etc but these stats are always present at the back of their mind. Right now Alexa Ranking is what has me worried.

Alexa ranks sites based on tracking information of users of its Alexa Toolbar for Internet Explorer and from integrated sidebars in Mozilla and Netscape.
Source: Wikipedia

Visit this post by Jack Nguyen to learn more about Alexa ranking.

Over the last few months my Alexa Rank has been steadily increasing but this month it has started diving, and its diving sharply. It was over 14M and it came up to 500k but is started to fall back and is currently at 609,509. I'm really suprised at this change as the traffic has increased this month after I posted the video about Nokia X8.

I guess my new visitors don't have the Alexa toolbar installed. Anyway installing Alexa Toolbar on visitor's Browsers it beyond my control so I won't bother about it. If you to need to increase your Alexa ranks then read this post by Tycoon Blogger where if shares 5 effective tips to increase your Alexa rank.

Well I can't use Alexa Toolbar with Opera Mini, but I encourage you to get it, if possible. I'll try to participate in webmaster forums, any suggestions for some interesting forums with good people to hang out with, do share it with me in the comments.

Besides that I'll just continue to do what I've been doing and focus on getting all kinds of traffic (alexa toolbar or not) and hopefully the stats will take a turn for the good again.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Are you a cell phone slave?

Don't you think cell phones are invading our lives? I'm sure almost everyone has a cell phone. In fact everyone I know has atleast one.

Do we really need cell phones all the time? I personally don't carry my phone unless I need to, like while going to church, except when I'll be going out after the service. Also my phone is mostly on silent mode, so it doesn't bother others if it does happen to ring.

At work I'm not allowed to use the phone so I switch my phone off on shift. I think its only fair to follow the rules that are meant for your own safety. You wouldn't want someone confiscating your phone and having the pleasure of reading your personal messages while it is in their possession, would you?

Would you really leave your phone on during flight (like the woman in 5D) , if you really understood how bad things could get? And if you did notice someone else using their phone when wasn't safe to be used, would you say something or would you ignore it? I would really like to know Are you a slave to your cell phone?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where do you draw the line?

Blogging is about self expression, but where do you draw the line? Just read a post by Lady Grier, How much is too much to share....... There are some bloggers who blog about everything that happens in their life with photos. Now some of these blogs are nice and you can really connect with the blogger even though you may have never met them in real life and your only contact may have been over the internet. But there are some things that are too personal and should be left that way like Nile Flores say in her post Are There Things Not To Say When Blogging?

Some people place a high priority on their privacy and would prefer not to be in the spotlight. You've got to respect the feelings of these people and not mention them on your blog or divulge personal details of people who may not like it.

It may seem wierd to you but some people haven't really caught up to the internet and find themselves ill at ease with their photo being posted online, especially when its not a pretty picture. You've got to exercise discretion when you are blogging about others or even yourself. You might post something which you may regret later, but then it may be too late.

Friday, May 14, 2010

You Say Too blogs

There are many blogging networks available, but hardly any offer blog aggregation as its main usp. If you've got several blogs but the traffic that each of them gets isn't really awesome then wouldn't it be nice to combine them post to one centralised blog so you can maximize the traffic and increase your revenue. lets you do just that.

If you intend to monetize your blog via Google Adsense or Amazon Affiliates then the site is the perfect solution. It has a revenue sharing option where the blogger can get 50% of the revenue generated from Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates or can also choose to donate any revenue generated to a charity of their choice. Sharing 50% of the revenue may not sound too good but in my opinion you'll probably earn more if you get more traffic than you would otherwise.

This site also provides a community platform for your blog so you can easily connect with other bloggers and others can explore your blog. There are also several interesting bloggers out there and several interesting posts to discover like this one about how you can make your future baby, its about how you can check how your baby will look simply by adding your partner's and your own picture. Interesting, don't you think?

You can also post games to your blog or if you're like me you can play games added by others. Check out this monkey defense game. Also you can easily send an invite to your friends to share interesting games simply by adding your friends email address.

So go ahead and check out and tell me what you think about it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to Train a Dragon - Review

Recently I saw the movie "How to Train a Dragon". And all I can say is that the movie is AWESOME.

The story revolves around a boy Viking, Hiccup, but unfortunately he isn't like everyone else. In fact he is very different. He appears to be too weak so his father, who is the leader of the village, keeps him away from dragon killing. Yes, you've read it right dragon killing. It so happens that in this village is always attacked by dragons and the Vikings are too stubborn to move to another place so the continue to live there and fight the dragons.

When the able bodied men of the village go out to find the dragon nest and rid the village of the problem once and for all, the young vikings are undergo dragon training. In dragon training they are taught how to slay different types of dragons. Our young hero manages to befriend a dragon and tops to dragon training by learning about dragons from is dragon friend rather than using strength to fight them.

When his dad returns to the village,after they've failed to find the dragon nest, he is overjoyed to learn that his son has aced dragon training but when he learns that he has befriended a dragon he is really furious. They then set out to find the dragon nest with the help of the Night Fury.

Oh I've let myself get lost in the fantasy world and already revealed much of the movie. But I will not reveal anymore. All I can say is that the village is transformed thanks to one different boy.

You've really got to watch this one. Trust me, you'll really enjoy it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Gifting Tips

Do you have trouble finding gifts for people? Well it is really difficult to find the right gift for someone. There are so many things to consider like your relationship with the person, the person's age, gender, interests, the occassion, etc. Gifting is really an art and some people are gifted with this talent.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right gift:

* Remember it's a gift for someone else so don't just consider what you want to gift the person, try to think what the person would like to receive as a gift.

* The classic favourites Chocolates and flowers are great. But chose wisely, you don't want to gift that to someone whom his doctor has advised to abstain from chocolates.

* If you know that the person likes to read, a good book can be a treasured gift. To make it even more special, you can gift wrap it and add a bow or a ribbon flower on top.

* If you're the kinda person that often goes out shopping you can easily pick up some cool clothes or accessories. But ensure you know the person's size for sure.

* If you know that the person likes sports or is a die hard supporter of some sports team, you could get some sports memorabilia.

You can give almost anything as as a gift as long as you know the person well and can be assured that it will be accepted well.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day today. For most people their mother is the most important person in their life, me too. Its impossible to find another person so forgiving and loving. Someone who knows all your faults and still loves you infinitely.

This day is dedicated to all the mother's in the world. Do remember to speak to your mother today and tell her how special she is. It is also an occassion where you can give her a gift to make her feel special. Its not really about the gift but the thought that really matters. Remember this when picking a gift.
One of the best gifts you can give is something that you can make yourself that she can keep as a memorable gift, something like a photo frame or a family scrapbook or a self made greeting card etc.

You may also offer to help her with some of her work like cooking or cleaning etc. Here's a post I read that will give you some cool and fantastic handmade gift ideas.

The important part is spending some time with her. These days life is so busy that we have forgotten to appreciate the people who matter the most, but then we have occassions like today to remind us that some things are more important than that meeting with a client. So spend some time with your Mom today and enjoy your day.

Friday, May 7, 2010

How blogging has changed me?

Everything we do in life affects us in some way or the other. So does blogging. I've read a post What Has Blogging Taught You? By Loli and I would like to share my own learnings with you just like Jill who blogs at Musings from Me.

I've been blogging for a while now, on My Opera blog and here too, and let me tell you very frankly, Blogging has indeed really changed me. Honestly I'm not the same person I used to be back in the days before I started my blog on My Opera.

I've always been a very shy and introvert person. I almost never spoke up in groups. In discussions the leader would literally have to force me to get some inputs or feedback from me. I wasn't dumb but I wasn't very comfortable sharing my thoughts and opinions in public.

So how has blogging helped in changing me?

Blogging is a means of self expression. It enables you to voice you opinion. By blogging I've been able to connect with people. I read other's blogs, comment on them, post articles on my own blogs that people comment on. Its much like having an online conversation with on measure of time.

With this experience that I've gained I find it a little less akward. Mind you, I haven't changed completely and turned into a very extrovert person. But I'm less likely to keep to myself in social situations. I often share my ideas in group discussions now and they are well received and appreciated.

Blogging has helped me learn to express myself and connect with people. A truly marvelous gift.

I'd really like to know what have you learn't from blogging?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How fashion conscious are you?

Do you really care about fashion? I'm referring to following the latest style and trends set by the fashion world. You've probably seen models strutting the latest fads and garments designed by famous fashion designers on television. Do you really keep yourself and your wardrobe upto date with the latest trends?

Well, personally I'm not really into fashion. All I really care about is that I feel comfortable wearing something and if it suits the occassion. I wouldn't wear a suit every day to work. Wouldn't just work for me as the weather here is too hot for most part me the year. Mostly I prefer wearing T-Shirts and jeans but I have to wear Collared Shirts to work during the weekdays. On the weekends casuals are allowed.

Its interesting to see what women wear. Seriously most of the women I know have an eye for detail when it comes to dressing up even if it is just a trip to the market or a visit to a friends place.

What's your fashion quotient? Are you an extremely fashion conscious person or just the opposite a person who ignores fashion and creates his/her own trends?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Mission

Wow! Another month has passed by so quickly. Its been nearly 4 months now that I'm hosting this blog and so far it has been a fairly good ride. The stats are looking fairly nice. The Google PR is 3, Alexa rank is 540,046. But off late I've been feeling a little lost. I read a post about setting a mission for your blog by Christie Kissinger. That got of me thinking, what is the mission of this blog? Thanks to this post by Tabitha I've been able to find the answer.

I had started this blog because I wanted to have my own domain. And also because I wanted to have complete control over my blog. Blogging here has taught me a lot about domains, wordpress, plug ins, themes, css, blog promotion etc.

The mission for this blog is to share my experiences with the world, to help people with my knowledge.

I like to share my knowledge with the world. I'll tell you why, if I have one apple and we share it we both will have half an apple, but if I have one idea and we share it we both will still have one idea each. So although they say knowledge is power, this power increases when it is shared.

So I'll try to focus on my mission and learn new thing that I can share with the world. Wish me luck. :)